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    Bring your language class to life with thousands of interactive videos. Now in Spanish, French, Chinese and English.

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    Martes de música was a success with the song “un año” by @SebastianYatra and @ReikMx .. kids love the video and the catchy music🎶 .. and I enjoyed looking at them having fun with @FluentKey 😁👩🏻‍🏫 una profe feliz hay por aquí @spmeagles

    Laura Monahan


    Listening is such an important skill! Students are using @FluentKey in Ms. McArdle’s Spanish 2 class as a quick but interactive way to check for listening comprehension with videos.

    Heidi Trude


    La chanson québécoise with @FluentKey Live today in French 4H. This was a great and engaging way to start our study of le Québec. #langchat @AATFrench @SRoss_LVHS_Prin @MrJones_LVHS @nicolekherndon @bill_gulgert @FLAVAWeb @_SCOLT_

    Doña MacMurtrie


    @FluentKey this looks amazing! I can't wait to try it in my classroom. #ACTFL19 #langchat

    Jennifer Mezzina, ED.D.


    Saw @FluentKey in action for about 5 mins and am already obsessed! What a great tool to help students improve their listening comprehension @RabeloMaggie @SenorGrayNVD @GSenande #nvotpride #nvalleyed #openclassroomwednesday #observeme

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