Auto-grading in the Language Classroom

Want to reduce your workload? How about reducing the number of grades you manually correct? FluentKey provides an easy way to incorporate auto-grading into the language classroom! You can use them as homework, individual class work, or play it live with your class! There are many auto-graded assessment types that you can create:  multiple choice (select all that apply), scramble, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and put-in-order!

Ready to learn how to save yourself time? I’ll start with how each of these question types will look on our platform. Then, you’ll learn how to create your own auto-graded assignments!

Question types

Multiple choice (select all that apply)

Auto-grading Multiple choice (select all that apply)


Auto-grading Scramble


Auto-grading Fill-in-the-blank


Auto-grading Matching


Auto-grading put-in-order
Create your own auto-graded assessment

1. Go to and select a video.

2. The video will open with a menu bar on the right side of the screen. Click “Browse or Create Quizzes”.

3. In the new options that appear, select “Create a quiz”

4. Give your quiz a name and click “Save quiz”

5. Now your quiz is all set-up! To begin inserting quiz questions, press the play button in the video.

6. When you get to a point in the video where you want to insert a question, click “Insert Question at…”

7. A new window will show up where you can make a quiz, the default question type is “Multiple Choice” (or Select all that Apply) question.

8. To change the type of question, simply click the word “Multiple Choice” and a drop-down menu will appear.

9. Here you can select any of the auto-graded questions, or if you’re a Pro user, you can include audio recordings and video recordings. For example, a Put-in-Order question looks like this:


10. Once you’ve made your question, simply click “Save & Preview”.

Now you know how to create your own auto-graded assignments! 

Simple enough? We hope so! If you have any feedback or questions, let us know! We’re world language teachers too, and our goal is to have a product made just for you!

You can send any questions, comments, or concerns to us by clicking the question mark in the top right corner of the FluentKey page, and then clicking the feedback button! You can also reach us via email (





FluentKey vs. EdPuzzle: What’s the difference?

I’ve seen many comparisons between FluentKey and EdPuzzle. So you may be wondering, which one should I use? 

FluentKey was actually developed in part because I would spend sleepless nights making EdPuzzle activities for my French classes. My goal was to provide my students with authentic exposure to the language in a fun and engaging way. As a result, I would spend hours of my personal time developing these assignments.

EdPuzzle is a great tool for teaching, but it wasn’t made for language teachers or to save language teachers time. As language teachers, we understand the prep problems faced by many language teachers. Many teachers have too many periods to prep for and not enough time.

FluentKey vs. EdPuzzle

Most of our features are free, but we do have some features that are only for Pro users. So here they are, the features that make FluentKey so different from EdPuzzle. 

FluentKey features:
  • FluentKey Live turns videos into a classroom game. (It’s like YouTube meets Kahoot.) [Free]
  • There is a curated, quality library of videos with quizzes that’s growing every week. [Free]
  • The library can be filtered by difficulty and theme (Novice High, Environment, for example). [Free]
  • All of the videos have subtitles. (Teachers can turn this off, if desired.) [Pro]
  • You can click on the subtitles to translate them and hear the pronunciation of the word. [Pro]
  • Adjust the audio speed. [Pro]
  • Upload audio files (not just video files). [Free]
  • There’s a whole host of different computer-graded question types: fill in the blank, scramble, put in order. [Free]
  • With video/audio recording question types, you can make quizzes that actually allow your students to practice speaking outside of class. [Pro]
  • Request a video from FluentKey. For example: “I need an intermediate low video about health,” and FluentKey will find a video for you, make a quiz, and build in subtitles. You can also provide a link if you have a specific video that you’d like this to be done for. [Pro]

Día de muertos (day of the dead) – video resources

Authentic video resources can be incredibly difficult to find, especially for specific events, holidays, and traditions. These resources can be even harder to find when you need one that is level appropriate for your students. (Your students won’t get much out of a video where they can only recognize 50% of the words.) For el día de muertos (Day of the Dead), we have built out an extensive library of authentic resources, including songs, video clips, news clips, and more! We have also sorted these videos by level, so that your students can get the most out of them!

couple celebrating día de muertos


Video Resources


El mundo es mi familia (Novice low)

This is a cute song from the movie Coco to learn how to address a crowd in Spanish!

 Un poco loco (Novice high)

This fun Spanglish song from the movie Coco teaches some great vocabulary for the Day of the Dead.

La llorona (Novice high)

Learn about la llorona, a famous Mexican tale with this short song from Coco!

Día de los Muertos – Rockalingua song (Novice high)

This song explains the customs and rituals of the Day of the Dead in Mexico. 

Chumbala cachumbala (Las calaveras) – Canción  (Novice high)

In this video skeletons dance and count the hours in Spanish. This song uses repetition and rhyme to introduce numbers and basic Spanish vocabulary in each verse.


Cómo armar un altar (Intermediate low)

Learn how to build an altar to celebrate the Day of the Dead with this clip from the Mexican movie “Día de Muertos”. In this video, different characters from the movie contribute to the altar.

Una tradición muy viva (Intermediate high)

This is an interesting news report about the Day of the Dead and how it is celebrated in México!

San Andrés Mixquic en el Día de Muertos (Intermediate high)

San Andrés Mixquic is internationally recognized for its Day of the Dead celebration. This video takes a closer look at how the people of Mixquic celebrate this special day.

Cómo disfrazarte de Catrina (Intermediate high)

Learn about “la Catrina”, one of the most popular characters portrayed during Day of the Dead. This video talks about the origins of “la Catrina” and offers tips on how to dress the part.

Tradición del papel picado en México (Intermediate high)

How is papel picado (“pierced” paper) made? Learn about this traditional part of el día de muertos (Day of the Dead).

Alebrijes en México (Intermediate high)

The Day of the Dead parade in México City brings “alebrijes”, brightly colored sculptures of magical creatures. Learn about their history and cultural significance.


Delicioso y tradicional Pan de Muerto (Advanced low)

Learn about the tradition of Mexican Bread of the Dead. A delicious offering baked and sold for the Día de Muertos celebration.

Celebración de vida – Celebración del Día de Muertos (Advanced low)

The Day of the Dead is a of celebration of life. Learn what this celebration means to different people through their personal stories. This video features native Spanish speakers being interviewed about the significance of the Day of the Dead.

¿Qué es la Catrina mexicana y cuál es su origen? (Advanced high)

Discover the origins of “la Catrina”, one of the most distinctive symbols of the Day of the Dead. This video contains advanced Spanish vocabulary, pacing and sentence constructions.


Speaking in the Target Language – How to use FluentKey to get your students talking

Are some of your students too shy to speak in class? Do you have trouble figuring out how to engage your students with speaking in the target language outside the classroom? As a FluentKey Pro user, your students can practice speaking without the pressure of speaking in front of the whole class. Two great Pro features allow you to integrate speaking practice into individual assignments on FluentKey!

You can record a question, type a question (or both) and require your students to answer with an audio recording or a video recording! This is a great way to engage your students of all personality types, while also giving you the opportunity to assess them. It also is a way to encourage speaking outside of the classroom – we all know that our students don’t have enough time in class!

Ready to learn how to assign these awesome questions? Check out these step-by-step instructions to learn how to insert an audio question into a quiz.

How to insert an audio question into a quiz:

1. Find a video and click on it. For this exercise I searched for a “Halloween” video

2. Click on Browse or Create Quizzes

3. Here you have two options: you can create your own quiz or duplicate an existing quiz. For the purposes of this walk-through, I’ll duplicate an existing quiz. You can do that by clicking on the down arrow next to “Assign” on the quiz you want to duplicate

4. Click “Duplicate.”

5. A window will pop-up with all the questions made in the original quiz.

6. Now, you have all the freedom to edit ANY question that was previously made, OR add a new one. Let’s start by adding an audio recording question directly after a question. Click the green button “Insert Question at…”

7. You can now create your own question! Click “Question Type” and select “Audio Recording”.

8. An audio recording question will appear. Here you can type a question, record a question, or do both.

9. This is how it should look once you have recorded a question for your students:

10. This is how it will appear to your students when they arrive at that question:

Now you know how to insert speaking questions into videos!

Simple enough? We hope so! If you have any feedback or questions, let us know! We’re world language teachers too, and our goal is to have a product made just for you!

You can send any questions, comments, or concerns to us by clicking the question mark in the top right corner of the FluentKey page, and then clicking the feedback button! You can also reach us via email (


Save Time: Request a Custom Video

This is hands down one of our best Pro features! By requesting a video, you can ensure that the video you play with your class is exactly what you’re looking for… without having to spend hours of your own time searching for a video and making a quiz to play with your class or assign as homework.

Are you currently on a “Food theme” learning the present progressive? As a Pro member, you can directly request a video like this!

In fact, this feature was one of the reasons FluentKey was founded by our CEO, Hollin. As a French teacher, he spent hours OUTSIDE of the classroom finding a video and making a quiz for his students. (Sound familiar?)

That’s when he realized that teachers (especially world language teachers) have to spend WAY too much of their own time preparing these videos! And so, FluentKey was born – to save teachers hours of prep time.

Check out how to request a video below.

1. Click on the ? in the top right hand corner of the page.


2. A pop-up menu will open. Click “Request a video”.

3. Fill out the “Request a New Video” form. Be as detailed as possible, so that we can make sure we find the perfect video for you.

Here, you can let us know exactly how to customize your quiz… a specific theme, specific vocabulary, a grammar tense, quiz questions in the target language, quiz questions in English… whatever video you need for your class, we will find it and make it for you. Or, if you already have the perfect video, but don’t want to make questions for it, send us the link and we’ll make the quiz for you!

Hopefully now you can see why I think this is one of the best features of Pro!

Simple enough? We hope so! If you have any feedback or questions, let us know! We’re world language teachers too, and our goal is to have a product made just for you!

You can send any questions, comments, or concerns to us by clicking the question mark in the top right corner of the FluentKey page, and then clicking the feedback button! You can also reach us via email (


FluentKey Live Pro Features

FluentKey Live has many advanced features for our Pro users. Let’s first talk about “Add 15 Seconds” and “Finish Questions Early”. By default, all questions last 30 seconds during Live, so what if all of your students haven’t been able to answer the question in that time? With FluentKey Pro, you can increase the time in 15 second increments to allow all students to answer a question. Did you add too much time, or did all your students answer the question within a few seconds? No problem! By clicking “Finish Question Early”, you don’t have to waste any of your precious class time waiting for the timer to run down.

These features can be incredibly useful, especially when you want your students to practice writing a response to something they’ve heard in the video. When you get to the short answer question, you can increase the time as much as you want, and once all students have answered, you can end that question.

FluentKey Live has more advanced features too! Want students to have the video on their own devices? What about audio? As a Pro user, you can control whether or not all students watch the videos on their individual devices or together on a projector. These advanced features are perfect if you want your students to in teams to answer the questions!

Finally, you can require your students to log in to play FluentKey Live. With the Pro version, you have access to advanced student tracking, so requiring your students to log in to their profile will help you keep track of how your students are doing as a class and also individually.

Ready to learn how to use all these great features? Check out the step by step instructions below!

1. Click on the video you want to show to your class.


2. Click “Play FluentKey Live” on the right side of the page.

3. If you want to incorporate the advanced features, you can do this while your students are logging in. Simply click on the settings button in the top right of the page.

4. In the drop-down menu, click the blue check under the word “mute” to allow the audio to play on students devices, and/or click the blue check under the words “disable video” to allow the video to play on students’ devices.

5. Once you’ve customized your settings and your students have all joined, click “Play” to start watching the video.

6. Once you get to the first question, you’ll click “Ready to answer” or “Watch again” to watch the previous segment of the video again. Let’s assume you’re “Ready to answer”.

7. Here is where you can “Add 15 Seconds” or “Finish Question Early” if you need.

Simple enough? We hope so! If you have any feedback or questions, let us know! We’re world language teachers too, and our goal is to have a product made just for you!

You can send any questions, comments, or concerns to us by clicking the question mark in the top right corner of the FluentKey page, and then clicking the feedback button! You can also reach us via email (

It’s here! An awesome, brand-new FluentKey Live experience.

Today, we’re super excited to introduce the new FluentKey Live!

We’ve incorporated the most popular requests from teachers–and also added some awesome improvements of our own. Here’s what changed:

  • Full Screen View: Live now has a beautiful, intuitive full-screen view.
  • Student Names: Students can create their own names when they join Live. (Don’t worry–teachers can also kick students with inappropriate names!)
  • Increased Text Size: questions are now much easier to see on a projector.
  • Redesigned Question Preview: the “Watch Again” and “Ready to Answer” features are now much more intuitive to use.
  • Class Question Average: see how well your class did on any question.
  • Summary Report: after the Live game is over, see the full results for how your students did in our Teacher Dashboard.

Go to and play FluentKey Live to check out the changes for yourself!

Love the updates? Have a suggestion? Tell us your thoughts here.

Celebrating our first 1,300 teachers!

An exciting day at FluentKey – 1,300 language teachers around the world have chosen FluentKey to help them improve the visibility of their students’ data and progress, save time preparing for their lessons, simplify the process of finding authentic and fun videos at the right level of the students’ proficiency, and improve class attention span when interacting with authentic videos in English, Spanish, Chinese, or French. Thank you to all our language teachers. The education tools we’re creating are for and because of you!

It’s been amazing to see how quickly language teachers have been adopting our platform. Our user base has doubled in the last month of this year. We’re grateful to everyone who has trusted us their classrooms. Thanks for their feedback we’re adding more new features every month. And as more language teachers use FluentKey across geographies, our platform features, will too. 






Next Month’s Exciting News

The potential for authentic listening content and fluency solutions to improve the students’ ability to pay attention in an hour-long lesson is massive. Recent advances in language learning and AI technology has finally enabled language teachers to gain real-time visibility and analytics into their classroom learning outcomes and helping them save time preparing for their lessons. While 1,300 language teachers is exciting, we’re just scratching the surface of what can be done. In the next month we’ll be: 

      • Launching our FluentKey Live app in iOs and Android stores to continue supporting language teachers with easily digestible, interactive, and gamified components to capture student interest.
      • Allowing students to change their names in Live games. Teachers will also be able to remove students.
      • Finding authentic videos (commercials, news, short films, favorite cartoons) in our expansive library will be super easy with our tag feature. 
      • Continuing to scale our teacher support team with a world-class experience as we grow.

All over the world, language teachers are looking for simpler and more efficient ways to connect their students learning performance, knowing it will save them time and money, preserve the quality of their lessons, and ultimately create better learning experiences. Our mission is to help make this happen. And we’re just getting started. 

Thank you to every language teacher who has worked with us over this year. The authentic listening solutions we’re creating are for, and because of you! 

Coming Soon: FluentKey Live App!

FluentKey Live is an interactive classroom listening game. The teacher displays a video on a projector while students race to answer comprehension questions on their own devices and compete for the highest score. 

It’s like Kahoot for language learning, but instead of just answering trivia questions, students are able to compete while also being exposed to rich, authentic, and compelling language. Make listening fun and improve students’ listening comprehension skills at the same time. 

Best of all? It’s absolutely free!

FluentKey Live is designed to be played in a class setting. Students answer questions on their own devices, while the video is displayed on a shared screen. All you need for this activity is to be connected to the Internet and to the shared screen using a laptop or a tablet, and students can participate by using a laptop, tablet, or mobile device!

Please note that FluentKey Live must be using your teacher’s account from a computer or tablet (not a smartphone); however, students can play on their phones. 

Do I have to make my own videos and quizzes?

Nope! We already have a library of thousands of ready-made videos and quizzes, including TV shows, movies, music, news, commercials, and more. Just choose the video you like, and you’re ready to start the game! And you can also make or customize your own content if you want.

Is FluentKey Live free to play?

Yes! FluentKey Live is 100% free for all teachers and students. Create your free teacher accountSupercharge student engagement and learning while saving time and making your life easier. Let’s make listening fun!

¡​Próximamente: FluentKey Live App!

Acerca de FluentKey Live
FluentKey Live es un juego dinámico que fomenta la comprensión oral y auditiva en el salón de clases. La misión de FluentKey Live es mejorar la escucha activa de los alumnos mientras interactúan con vídeos en su lengua meta, ya sea en francés, chino, español o inglés.

¿Cómo funciona FluentKey Live?
En el aula, el profesor proyecta su tableta o computadora para poner el vídeo elegido en el pizarrón o en la pantalla. Transcurren alrededor de 30 segundos del vídeo y aparece en la pantalla una pregunta acerca del contenido visto. La dinámica consiste en que los estudiantes compitan entre sí para contestar la pregunta en el menor tiempo posible con sus celulares, tabletas o computadoras portátiles con la finalidad de obtener la puntuación más alta reflejando una compresión oral y auditiva óptima.  

FluentKey es como Kahoot, pero para aprender idiomas. Sin embargo los alumnos no solamente contestan preguntas tipo trivias, sino que además, los estudiantes son expuestos a su lenguaje meta de una forma rica, auténtica e interesante. El profesor hace del aprendizaje de escucha activa una actividad divertida, que a su vez, mejora la comprensión oral y verbal de sus alumnos. 

¡Y lo mejor de todo… Es completamente GRATIS!   

¿Qué necesito para jugar FluentKey Live?
La aplicación de FluentKey Live está diseñada para ser jugada dentro del aula. Lo único que los profesores de idiomas necesitarán es una computadora o una tableta conectada a Internet y a un proyector. Por parte de los alumnos, ellos necesitarán también estar conectados a Internet en su computadora, celular/móvil o tableta. 

Nota importante: Para comenzar a jugar con FluentKey Live, la maestra deberá comenzar el juego a través de su computadora or su tableta, pero no de un teléfono inteligente (Smartphone). Los alumnos sí podrán utilizar su celular/móvil o tableta para responder. 

¿Necesito crear mis propios vídeos o pruebas de comprensión?
¡No, para nada! Tenemos una biblioteca robusta con miles de vídeos y pruebas de comprensión que abarcan temas como programas populares de televisión, películas, cortometrajes, música, caricaturas, noticias, comerciales, y muchos más. El profesor escoge el vídeo que le agrade y con ello estará a un paso de comenzar su juego en FluentKey Live. Pero, si el docente quisiera agregar su propio vídeo desde su computadora o agregar un enlace de YouTube o Vimeo, lo puede hacer fácilmente.

¿FluentKey Live es gratis?
Sí, es gratis para profesores y estudiantes. Crea tu cuenta gratuita de profesor. La aplicación de FluentKey Live estará disponible en todos los países para iOS. Y también estará próximamente para Android. Accese su cuenta en FluentKey y comparta su pasión por la enseñanza de idiomas. Lleve a sus alumnos a expresarse de forma creativa a través de vídeos interactivos en francés, chino, español o inglés.