Día de muertos (day of the dead) – video resources

Authentic video resources can be incredibly difficult to find, especially for specific events, holidays, and traditions. These resources can be even harder to find when you need one that is level appropriate for your students. (Your students won’t get much out of a video where they can only recognize 50% of the words.) For el día de muertos (Day of the Dead), we have built out an extensive library of authentic resources, including songs, video clips, news clips, and more! We have also sorted these videos by level, so that your students can get the most out of them!

couple celebrating día de muertos


Video Resources


El mundo es mi familia (Novice low)

This is a cute song from the movie Coco to learn how to address a crowd in Spanish!

 Un poco loco (Novice high)

This fun Spanglish song from the movie Coco teaches some great vocabulary for the Day of the Dead.

La llorona (Novice high)

Learn about la llorona, a famous Mexican tale with this short song from Coco!

Día de los Muertos – Rockalingua song (Novice high)

This song explains the customs and rituals of the Day of the Dead in Mexico. 

Chumbala cachumbala (Las calaveras) – Canción  (Novice high)

In this video skeletons dance and count the hours in Spanish. This song uses repetition and rhyme to introduce numbers and basic Spanish vocabulary in each verse.


Cómo armar un altar (Intermediate low)

Learn how to build an altar to celebrate the Day of the Dead with this clip from the Mexican movie “Día de Muertos”. In this video, different characters from the movie contribute to the altar.

Una tradición muy viva (Intermediate high)

This is an interesting news report about the Day of the Dead and how it is celebrated in México!

San Andrés Mixquic en el Día de Muertos (Intermediate high)

San Andrés Mixquic is internationally recognized for its Day of the Dead celebration. This video takes a closer look at how the people of Mixquic celebrate this special day.

Cómo disfrazarte de Catrina (Intermediate high)

Learn about “la Catrina”, one of the most popular characters portrayed during Day of the Dead. This video talks about the origins of “la Catrina” and offers tips on how to dress the part.

Tradición del papel picado en México (Intermediate high)

How is papel picado (“pierced” paper) made? Learn about this traditional part of el día de muertos (Day of the Dead).

Alebrijes en México (Intermediate high)

The Day of the Dead parade in México City brings “alebrijes”, brightly colored sculptures of magical creatures. Learn about their history and cultural significance.


Delicioso y tradicional Pan de Muerto (Advanced low)

Learn about the tradition of Mexican Bread of the Dead. A delicious offering baked and sold for the Día de Muertos celebration.

Celebración de vida – Celebración del Día de Muertos (Advanced low)

The Day of the Dead is a of celebration of life. Learn what this celebration means to different people through their personal stories. This video features native Spanish speakers being interviewed about the significance of the Day of the Dead.

¿Qué es la Catrina mexicana y cuál es su origen? (Advanced high)

Discover the origins of “la Catrina”, one of the most distinctive symbols of the Day of the Dead. This video contains advanced Spanish vocabulary, pacing and sentence constructions.


By Mandy Sofer

Chief Marketing Officer | Director of Spanish