Frequently Asked Questions – Students


FluentKey is a site for students to improve their listening and speaking through interactive videos. We have hundreds of fun, engaging videos in the world’s most popular languages. Your teacher will find the perfect video for you to watch that's just the right topic and difficulty. Use clickable captions, built-in quizzes, and other cool interactive tools to help you understand the video even better!

Many teachers like to assign FluentKey videos as homework. Are you doing a specific lesson on French cuisine? You'll be asked to watch a video about it the night before. Are you just trying to strengthen your general listening skills? Watch a new video daily or weekly.

Some teachers also use FluentKey to give in-class listening quizzes.

Your teacher will send you an invite link to join a class. After you click the link, you'll be asked to make an account and will be added into the class. Make sure to sign up as a student!

We highly recommend that students use a Google or Facebook account to sign up if they have it.

You can reset your own password by going to the log-in screen and clicking on the "Lost password" button. You'll be asked to type in your account email, and then we'll send you a link to create a new password.

YES! Our mission is to make language learning better. That’s why all our videos are FREE FOREVER. We promise open access to every teacher and student.
It means we’re still building the site. If you think FluentKey is pretty cool now, just stay tuned. Lots of awesome new features are still coming. It also means the feedback you give us makes a big difference. Keep sending us those comments and suggestions!


Your teacher needs to send you an invite link to join a class. After you click the link, you'll be asked to sign in (or make an account) and will then be added into the class.

If you haven't made an account yet, we highly recommend that you use a Google or Facebook account to sign up.

After you've joined a class, click on the “Assignments” tab in the banner. Here'll you see a list of assignments you need to do.

You can sort your assignments by title, due date, score, and class.

To start an assignment, click on it and then click again on "Launch Assignment" in the fly-out panel. You can also click directly on the rocket icon next to the name of the assignment.

Yes! FluentKey automatically tracks how much of the video you watched, how many questions you answered, and your scores on each question. Your teacher will be able to see and grade your progress.

You'll know that you've finished an assignment when the "Assignment Completed" window pops up.

For assign to watch videos, make sure to watch the entire video straight through from start to finish. Don't skip ahead!

You can see your quiz scores under the “Assignments” tab.” When you've finished an assignment, your score will be displayed next to the name of the assignment.

(Note: for open-ended quizzes, your score will display as 0% until the teacher finishes grading your responses).

Click on a completed assignment for more information. This will open up a panel that shows your overall score on the assignment as well as your responses to specific quiz questions.

Sorry, this isn't possible yet. (We're working on it.)


What don’t we have? Movies, TV, music, news, documentaries, commercials, interviews, viral clips… we’ve got it all. Our videos are authentic and curated specifically for language learners at all levels.

Your teacher can also upload his or her own videos to FluentKey. So the specific videos you will be watching depends on what you teacher assigns.

Yes. When assigning a video, your teacher has two different options: assign to watch and assign with quiz.

When you're assigned a video to watch, you complete the assignment just by watching the entire video from start to finish.

When you assigned a video with a quiz, you complete the assignment by watching the video and also answering embedded comprehension questions as you watch.

FluentKey quizzes are embedded inside the video. When you watch a video, interactive comprehension questions will pop up every so often (i.e. after key scenes). You'll get instant feedback for each question, as well as an overall quiz score.

Most of our videos already include built-in comprehension quizzes. Press the "Launch Assignment" button to get started! Not only do you get to watch cool videos at home or in class, you can also track your own understanding.

Our quizzes are divided into three different types. Computer-graded quizzes include comprehension questions with fixed answers, like multiple choice, matching, and put in order. Written quizzes have questions that require students to produce short answer written responses. Spoken quizzes have questions that ask students to record audio or video responses.

Note: Quizzes with a range of different types of questions are labeled as mixed quizzes.
If your teacher has enabled the multiple attempts option, yes. However, this option is only available for computer-graded questions. Short answer, video, or audio responses cannot be resubmitted.
Yes! Spoken quizzes have questions that you will respond to by uploading audio or video recordings in the language you're learning.