FluentKey 2020: What’s new

Happy New Year!

We enjoyed some nice family time (especially with the #FluentKeyDogs), but we also made a lot of improvements during the winter break.

Check-out all the updates below:

Major technology improvements & bug fixes:

• Major performance improvements – increasing the speed and responsiveness of all areas of the site.

• FluentKey Live syncing improvements, smoothing the join process & gameplay experience.

• New and improved mobile experience, allowing you to browse and assign content on your mobile device.

• Students can now complete assignments on their mobile devices.

• Improved FluentKey Live projector experience: increased type size for questions and subtitles.

• New “Require Log In” option for FluentKey Live.

• Students can now resume progress on watch-only assignments, allowing them to leave and return to an assignment, without losing their progress.

• Various bug fixes and improvements to the dashboard and assignments functionality.

• Various bug fixes to quiz questions and improved mobile responsiveness for drag-and-drop question types (Matching, Put in Order, and Scramble).

By Mandy Sofer

Chief Marketing Officer | Director of Spanish