FluentKey Office Hours

Did you ever attend office hours in high school or college? What about as a teacher, do you have mandatory office hours?

I went to office hours all the time. (Although, I mostly went to office hours for the classes I liked the best, when I should have gone to office hours for the classes where I struggled the most RIP Gen Chem…)

Well, we’re teachers too, so we’ve decided to start hosting FluentKey Office hours. During this time, you can drop by our video chat and ask us any questions you may have. Or maybe you just wanna hang out–we’d love that! 

Our office hours are on Pacific Time:

Mandy – Tuesday 4pm-6pm, Thursday 10am-12pm

Topic: Mandy’s Office Hours

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Hollin – Monday 1pm-3pm, Friday 1pm-3pm

Topic: Hollin’s Office Hours

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By Mandy Sofer

Chief Marketing Officer | Director of Spanish