FluentKey vs. EdPuzzle: What’s the difference?

I’ve seen many comparisons between FluentKey and EdPuzzle. So you may be wondering, which one should I use? 

FluentKey was actually developed in part because I would spend sleepless nights making EdPuzzle activities for my French classes. My goal was to provide my students with authentic exposure to the language in a fun and engaging way. As a result, I would spend hours of my personal time developing these assignments.

EdPuzzle is a great tool for teaching, but it wasn’t made for language teachers or to save language teachers time. As language teachers, we understand the prep problems faced by many language teachers. Many teachers have too many periods to prep for and not enough time.

FluentKey vs. EdPuzzle

Most of our features are free, but we do have some features that are only for Pro users. So here they are, the features that make FluentKey so different from EdPuzzle. 

FluentKey features:
  • FluentKey Live turns videos into a classroom game. (It’s like YouTube meets Kahoot.) [Free]
  • There is a curated, quality library of videos with quizzes that’s growing every week. [Free]
  • The library can be filtered by difficulty and theme (Novice High, Environment, for example). [Free]
  • You can control how many times your students attempt questions for assignments. [Pro]
  • All of the videos have subtitles. (Teachers can turn this off, if desired.) [Pro]
  • You can click on the subtitles to translate them and hear the pronunciation of the word. [Pro]
  • Adjust the audio speed. [Pro]
  • Upload audio files (not just video files). [Free]
  • There’s a whole host of different computer-graded question types: fill in the blank, scramble, put in order. [Free]
  • With video/audio recording question types, you can make quizzes that actually allow your students to practice speaking outside of class. [Pro]
  • Request a video from FluentKey. For example: “I need an intermediate low video about health,” and FluentKey will find a video for you, make a quiz, and build in subtitles. You can also provide a link if you have a specific video that you’d like this to be done for. [Pro]