FluentKey’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy

FluentKey recently had its one-year anniversary, and while we are all proud of how far we have come in this past year, we are looking forward to our next steps. Because we are such a young business, we are in a unique place to ensure that our company values are represented in our policies.

We are a language learning company. As individuals begin to learn a new language, it is inevitable that they will also learn about different cultures. We want to ensure that the diversity of the world is recognized on our platform, so that as students are exposed to new cultures, they are also exposed to the diversity within them.

Our new content policy requires our content creators to incorporate a specific diversity video that we will share at the beginning of every month. In these emails, we will include videos for Chinese, English, French, and Spanish that talk specifically about diversity or represent minority groups. This will help assure that students have access to resources that highlight the diversity around the world.

We know that this is a small step. As FluentKey continues to grow, we will make sure to continue updating our policies. If there is anything that you would like to see incorporated into our content, please let us know! We are language teachers too, and our goal is to provide a resource that meets the needs of our colleagues around the world.

By Mandy Sofer

Chief Marketing Officer | Director of Spanish