Get Started with Manie Musicale

The competition starts on March 16th and ends on April 15th.

1. Go to the Manie Musicale videos tab.
2. Select the video that you’d like to watch with your students.
3. Click “Play FluentKey Live”
4. You will see a selection of quizzes. Choose one of the 5 “Created by FluentKey Official.”
5. Choose one of these and get started!

How to win prizes

1. Play more games with different songs.
2. Track your classes’ and students’ progress on the Leaderboards.
3. Your students and classes get to keep their best score from each of the 16 songs.
4. The closest classes and students to 16,000 point win prizes!

For more information about playing, please check out the FAQ page. If you have any remaining questions, please reach out to us at