Introducing Manie Musicale & FluentKey

What is Manie Musicale?

Manie Musicale is a music competition between 16 songs run by Stephanie Carbonneau and Michelle Fournier, two French teachers in Maine.

Every day, students vote on which of the two songs they like the best. Voting will be conducted on Madame Carbonneau and Madame Fournier’s website accessible here. The winning song will continue onto the next stage of the bracket.

We have partnered with these two AMAZING French teachers in order to host our own competition and prepare FluentKey official videos with activities for all 16 Manie Musicale songs!

So how does the FluentKey competition work?

We have created  5 different types of quizzes for each of the 16 songs. These quizzes represent a variety of different difficulty levels, so that students of many different levels can enjoy the competition.

1. Comprehension Quizzes in French

2. Comprehension Quizzes in English

3. Scramble and Put in Order Quizzes

4. Choose the Word Quizzes

5. Fill in the Blank Quizzes.

That’s awesome, but…. how do we compete?! (and our students, of course)

Each video is worth 1,000 points (maximum points for the competition is 16,000). These must be played using FluentKey Official Quizzes with FluentKey Live to get credit. (If you play FluentKey Live using multiple quizzes for the same song with the same class, only the highest scored quiz will be counted.)

The top 3 classes and top 10 students with the highest cumulative score from playing FluentKey Live (using our official quizzes) will win prizes!

Ready to get started? Here’s a direct link to all of the videos.

As a teacher, you will need to create a free account, but you do not need a pro membership to get in on the fun. 

(Students DO NOT need to register unless they plan to compete for the individual student prizes.)

Please do not hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions about the competition!

By Mandy Sofer

Chief Marketing Officer | Director of Spanish