FluentKey Live

Introducing our interactive classroom listening game.


FluentKey Live makes listening into an awesome class activity. The teacher displays a video on a projector while students race to answer comprehension questions on their own devices and compete for the highest score.

It’s like Kahoot for language learning. But instead of just answering trivia questions, students are also exposed to rich, authentic, and compelling language. Make listening fun and improve students’ listening comprehension skills at the same time. Best of all? It’s absolutely free!


  • Pick any video to start FluentKey Live

Tutorial Video: How to Play FluentKey Live


1. It’s fun. Students love games they can play together, and they love watching real-world videos like TV, movies, and music. FluentKey Live combines both in an irresistibly awesome way.

2. It’s simple. FluentKey Live works on any device with an internet connection. Students don’t need an account or login to play. Even better, teachers don’t have to spend time creating their own content. Just press the button to start playing!

3. It’s meaningful. Not only do students get authentic language practice, they have to actively listen for understanding and answer interactive comprehensive questions as they watch. Teachers can assess students and track their progress in real-time.

4. It’s free. FluentKey Live is 100% free for all teachers and students.


FluentKey Live is designed to be played in a class setting. Students answer questions on their own devices while the video is displayed on a shared screen. Teachers need a computer or tablet connected to a projector, while students should have either a computer or mobile device.

Please note that FluentKey Live games must be started by the teacher from a computer or tablet (not a smartphone). However, students can play on their phones.

Nope! We already have a library of hundreds of ready-made videos and quizzes including TV shows, movies, music, news, commercials, and more. It's easy to find the right video for your class by filtering for difficulty, category, and themes. Just choose the video you like, and you're ready to go!

It's super easy. Choose a video in our library, then click on "Watch Live" in the right panel.

After you pick the quiz you want to use, a 4-digit code will display on the screen. Have students enter the code on their devices to join the game, then press Play to get started!

Yes! Download "FluentKey" in either the iOS or Google Play store.

Yes! Live is 100% free for all teachers and students.