Meet the Team: Mandy

Hey y’all!

If you’re on our subscriber list, I’m sure you’ve seen my name a lot, so I wanted to introduce myself!

I joined FluentKey in September as the Chief Marketing Officer & Interim Director of Spanish. Prior to joining the team, I earned a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies and a Master of Public Health from the University of Miami in August. While pursuing these degrees, I taught medical Spanish to students, physicians and other healthcare officials.

What I love most about working for FluentKey is talking to our users to find out how we can best support teachers. I also really enjoy working with my colleagues, Hollin, Hugo, and TJ.

My favorite “fun facts” about me are…

1. I have a Great Dane named Luna (@LunaFluentKey)and a Border Collie/Labrador (Borador) mix named Mylo.

2. I trained with professional soccer teams in Brazil & Argentina. I play FootVolley & FootGolf

3. I am currently learning Hebrew because my husband is Israeli, and I love learning languages.

4 &5. I speak both Spanish and Portuguese at a near-native level. I have traveled to 10 Spanish-speaking/Portuguese-speaking countries! (Including six with my brother, Hollin!)

6. Roll Tide!

¡Que tengan un buen día!

By Mandy Sofer

Chief Marketing Officer | Director of Spanish