Peaksay Weekly Update: A New Pronunciation Writing Mode

Hey everybody,

Here’s what’s new this week.

  • The Pronunciation Game has a new “Writing Mode.” Hear the pronunciation and try to write what you hear–accents included.
  • Pronunciation Game transcriptions are much improved; now recognizes numbers and alternate spellings of different words.
  • Pronunciation Game leaderboard shows results for different modes.
  • Pronunciation Game now works on Firefox and displays an error message with the Chrome app on iOS (use Safari instead).
  • Several bugs fixed, including Game Mode time not recording correctly.
  • Speaking Mode experimental version: Speaking Mode is now unlocked (Game Mode only), but it’s not finished yet. I’ll be working to finish the implementation this week and will introduce it in more detail next week. 

Check out the improvements and let me know what you think.



What’s Next:

  • Speaking Mode is coming very soon!
  • Building out “starter set” conversations in French and English.
  • Randomizing game power-ups and add tooltips to explain what they do.
  • Improving the energy system and game balance.
  • Adding a pop-up dictionary so you can look up individual words.
  • Adding the ability to create your own sentence lists for the Pronunciation Game.