Peaksay Weekly Update: A Redesigned Conversation Creation System

Hey y’all,

Thanks so much for the great feedback since Peaksay Alpha launched last week. We got a lot of really helpful suggestions and ideas–keep them coming.

A lot of you talked about making the conversation creation process easier, and that’s what I worked on this week. I might even go so far as to call it… a total redesign.

New features include a guided onboarding process, auto-saving, automatic text-to-speech, suggested image search, draft and published status, choosing which character to add a line for, delete confirmation, helpful tips… and more.

I’m pretty excited to show this off. Watch the video below or explore on your own 🙂



What’s Next:

  • Creating a “starter set” of conversations in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese. Our goal is to 1) give you guys something to play with, and 2) show what’s possible to do with a Peaksay conversation.
  • Adding auto translations to all conversations by default.
  • Making Listening Mode more intuitive and easier to use. (And it will be disabled for conversations without audio.)
  • Rebalancing scoring and difficulty in Game Mode.
  • Change how answers work in gameplay to make them more rewarding and effective for learning.
  • Speaking Mode! Not next week, but soon.