Peaksay Weekly Update: Custom Pronunciation Lists

Hey everybody,

This week I’m excited to introduce Custom Pronunciation Lists.

A number of you asked for this feature, and now it’s here. Create your own pronunciation lists with sentences of your choice, then share Pronunciation Games using those lists with others. Each custom game has its own separate leaderboard.

Note: you must be logged into Peaksay to create custom lists.

This is still a work in progress, but the main functionality is working. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Other changes:

  • Fixed a bug where conversation page selection would not work in the Account Page.



Create your own pronunciation lists!

What’s Next:

  • Polish the Pronunciation Game experience (including custom list editing).
  • Fix various bugs, including some security flaws.
  • Add more usage statistics, so that you’ll have a history of what conversations you played, and in what mode.
  • Build out “starter set” conversations in French and English.
  • Polish the conversation creation experience and add improvements like drag-and-drop, more settings, better save logic.
  • Randomize game power-ups and add tooltips to explain what they do.