Peaksay Weekly Update: More Energy, More Options.

Hey everybody,

Here’s what’s new this week.

  • Improved Speaking Mode functionality. You can now stop recordings by pressing the button again.
  • Added additional options to Learn Mode, including audio speed, voice playback, Speaking Mode difficulty.
  • Rebalanced the energy system. Players lose energy faster, but at the same time, gain more energy for correct answers. Hopefully, this should feel more dynamic and interesting.
  • Updated tutorials to be less wordy.
  • Links from the conversation page can now be opened in new tabs.
  • Fixed various bugs with energy, including the game not ending immediately when energy was filled or depleted.
  • Fix various bugs with Speaking Mode, including auto-advancement and spacing between Chinese words.



The new Learn Mode settings menu.

What’s Next:

  • Add more usage statistics, so that you’ll have a history of what conversations you played, and in what mode.
  • Randomize game power-ups and add tooltips to explain what they do.
  • Build out “starter set” conversations in French and English.
  • Polish the conversation creation experience and add improvements like drag-and-drop, more settings, better save logic.
  • Add the ability to create custom Pronunciation Game lists.