Peaksay Weekly Update: Introducing the “Pronunciation Game”

Hey y’all,

This week I’m excited to introduce the Peaksay Pronunciation Game.

In preparation for Speaking Mode, I put together a standalone mini-game using the same underlying technology. And I actually think it’s pretty fun.

With the Pronunciation Game, you can test your pronunciation skills in different languages. Anyone can play on any device. Get streaks for speaking the right answer and save your score on the leaderboard. How many right answers can you get in a row? Find out here.

We also revamped our scoring system, add the ability to duplicate conversations, and fixed a bunch of bugs. (If you couldn’t create a Spanish conversation before, you can now 😀 )

We’re also continuing to build out our “starter set” of conversations. Here are some new conversations we added for Spanish:

Okay, that’s it for this week! Happy Fourth of July.



What’s Next:

  • Building out “starter set” conversations in French and English.
  • Improving the energy system and game balance.
  • Adding new powerups.
  • Adding a pop-up dictionary so you can look up individual words.
  • With the Pronunciation Game now built, I’m going to start work directly on Speaking Mode.