Peaksay Weekly Update: More Spanish Voices! Tutorials!

Hey everybody,

Some cool updates this week to Peaksay Alpha!

  • Spanish text-to-speech voices are now available (using Amazon Polly). Choose from multiple male and female voices in three different dialects–European Spanish, Mexican Spanish, and US Spanish.
  • Auto-translation to English now works (using Google Translate).
  • Listening Mode UI has been redesigned; how to choose answers should be more clear.
  • Guided tutorials have been added for both Learn Mode and Game Mode. New users will be guided through the process of how to play.
  • You now now have multiple chances to pick an answer. IMO, this feels way more effective for learning.
  • In Learn Mode, you can now toggle on text and translations for answer choices.
  • Conversations without audio can longer be played in Listening Mode.
    Speech bubbles now look better.

Check it out at and let me know what you think.



What’s Next:

  • Still working on that “starter set” of conversations in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese. Our goal is to 1) give you guys something to play with, and 2) show what’s possible to do with a Peaksay conversation.
  • Make Game Mode more fun: rebalancing scoring, energy, and difficulty. More and different power-ups.
  • Add the ability to duplicate conversations.
  • Start working on Speaking Mode.
  • I also had a cool idea for “Writing Mode”, but that will probably come later.
  • I’d also like to add a dictionary to make looking up words/phrases easy.