Peaksay Weekly Update: Pronunciation “Listening Mode”

Hey everybody,

Here’s what’s new this week.

  • The Pronunciation Game has a new “Listening Mode.” Instead of reading a sentence to speak, hear the audio instead. Can you mimic it accurately?
  • Sentences no longer repeat in the Pronunciation Game.
  • Additional sentences and languages added to the Pronunciation Game.
  • A link to the Pronunciation Game has been added to the site header.
  • Improved responsive site layout. Popup windows should now adjust to the size of your screen. (If you were having trouble creating conversations before, this should be fixed now.)
  • A new power-up, “Safety”, has been added to Game Mode!

Check out the changes and let me know what you think.



What’s Next:

  • Building out “starter set” conversations in French and English.
  • Improving the responsive layout of the site on different screen sizes. Peaksay may even be usable on phones at some point…
  • Improving the energy system and game balance.
  • Adding a pop-up dictionary so you can look up individual words.
  • Speaking Mode still in progress.