Celebrating our first 1,300 teachers!

An exciting day at FluentKey – 1,300 language teachers around the world have chosen FluentKey to help them improve the visibility of their students’ data and progress, save time preparing for their lessons, simplify the process of finding authentic and fun videos at the right level of the students’ proficiency, and improve class attention span when interacting with authentic videos in English, Spanish, Chinese, or French. Thank you to all our language teachers. The education tools we’re creating are for and because of you!

It’s been amazing to see how quickly language teachers have been adopting our platform. Our user base has doubled in the last month of this year. We’re grateful to everyone who has trusted us their classrooms. Thanks for their feedback we’re adding more new features every month. And as more language teachers use FluentKey across geographies, our platform features, will too. 






Next Month’s Exciting News

The potential for authentic listening content and fluency solutions to improve the students’ ability to pay attention in an hour-long lesson is massive. Recent advances in language learning and AI technology has finally enabled language teachers to gain real-time visibility and analytics into their classroom learning outcomes and helping them save time preparing for their lessons. While 1,300 language teachers is exciting, we’re just scratching the surface of what can be done. In the next month we’ll be: 

      • Launching our FluentKey Live app in iOs and Android stores to continue supporting language teachers with easily digestible, interactive, and gamified components to capture student interest.
      • Allowing students to change their names in Live games. Teachers will also be able to remove students.
      • Finding authentic videos (commercials, news, short films, favorite cartoons) in our expansive library will be super easy with our tag feature. 
      • Continuing to scale our teacher support team with a world-class experience as we grow.

All over the world, language teachers are looking for simpler and more efficient ways to connect their students learning performance, knowing it will save them time and money, preserve the quality of their lessons, and ultimately create better learning experiences. Our mission is to help make this happen. And we’re just getting started. 

Thank you to every language teacher who has worked with us over this year. The authentic listening solutions we’re creating are for, and because of you! 

Coming Soon: FluentKey Live App!

FluentKey Live is an interactive classroom listening game. The teacher displays a video on a projector while students race to answer comprehension questions on their own devices and compete for the highest score. 

It’s like Kahoot for language learning, but instead of just answering trivia questions, students are able to compete while also being exposed to rich, authentic, and compelling language. Make listening fun and improve students’ listening comprehension skills at the same time. 

Best of all? It’s absolutely free!

FluentKey Live is designed to be played in a class setting. Students answer questions on their own devices, while the video is displayed on a shared screen. All you need for this activity is to be connected to the Internet and to the shared screen using a laptop or a tablet, and students can participate by using a laptop, tablet, or mobile device!

Please note that FluentKey Live must be using your teacher’s account from a computer or tablet (not a smartphone); however, students can play on their phones. 

Do I have to make my own videos and quizzes?

Nope! We already have a library of thousands of ready-made videos and quizzes, including TV shows, movies, music, news, commercials, and more. Just choose the video you like, and you’re ready to start the game! And you can also make or customize your own content if you want.

Is FluentKey Live free to play?

Yes! FluentKey Live is 100% free for all teachers and students. Create your free teacher accountSupercharge student engagement and learning while saving time and making your life easier. Let’s make listening fun!

How I learned Spanish, and how FluentKey helps language learners

Globally, more and more people are learning other languages. Perhaps this comes from a more global world. These days, everyone has contact with more people from different backgrounds, culture, and countries. Mostly, this is from globalization and technologies connecting us with more and more people. Language learning apps provide grammar, vocabulary, and sometimes audio and speech practice. Most of the apps and websites, however, do not provide an authentic experience for users. FluentKey is changing that.

Before I talk about some of the unique features of FluentKey, let me give you some background. When I was in the 7th grade (about 13 years old), I started learning Spanish. My class was typical. We had vocab quizzes weekly, grammar lessons in class, produced videos interacting with the language (kinda), and we sometimes watched Spanish videos in class. When we were really lucky, we got to watch soccer games during class (in Spanish, of course). I was good at Spanish, but I wanted to be better. I started attending ESL classes at my church with people from Chiapas, México. Then I realized how bad I actually was at Spanish. I could take tests well and get good grades, but I couldn’t do the main thing: communicate.

My friendship with the students in the class grew, and I became more immersed in their culture, practicing my Spanish every chance I got. The grammar and vocabulary I learned in class were important to developing my Spanish, but my major improvement came from interacting with my new friends and watching as many authentic videos in Spanish as I could. Fast-forward 5 years… I was conversationally fluent. I was in AP Spanish at this point, preparing for the AP exam. I remember going into language labs to practice listening comprehension. We went to a classroom, but on old headsets and listened to an old audio with unauthentic content. Conversations were normally slow and dramatically separated all the words so that listeners could understand better. In short… the resources we had for listening comprehension in class were unauthentic, frustrating, and boring.

When I first learned about the idea, that later became FluentKey, I thought it was great. Instead of listening to old audios in a language lab, students can have authentic listening practice every day as part of homework assignments. The regular practice of listening comprehension with authentic content is an absolute imperative to language learners. Almost everyone who wants to learn a new language wants to learn it so they can communicate with people and understand conversations. If you go to Latin America and all the audio you’ve ever heard is ,“Maria. Va. Al. Supermercado. Para. Comprar. Huevos.”, and then you travel to a place where the people say, “Mariavaalsupermercadoparacomprarhuevos”, you will be very disappointed and frustrated as to why you can’t understand very simple sentences.

 FluentKey has an impressive library with hundreds of videos in different languages. They range in difficulty from just beginning (Novice-low A1) to near fluent (Advanced-high C2). This feature is amazing and can be easily filtered to show a specific language, level, theme, and more! Each video that says “FluentKey Official” or found in the “Featured” section will have a personally reviewed and quality-controlled transcript as well as a comprehension quiz that is appropriate for the level of the video. This type of resource is going to be increasingly valuable as the amount of content grows daily! Let me know what you think is great about FluentKey in the comment section below!