This Week in FluentKey

Hey awesome teachers,

Thanks so much for checking out our beta launch. We’ve heard a lot of great things about Fluentkey from you guys. We also got some fantastic feedback and suggestions. Keep them coming–that’s what beta is for!

Expect constant improvements to Fluentkey throughout this process: new videos, new features, new bug fixes, new shiny awesome things. 

Here’s some of the cool stuff that happened this week.


New Features:

  • Redesigned Video Assignment Panel! It’s a lot clearer what to do now.
  • FluentKey now remembers your default language when you upload a new video.
  • By popular request, check out our new favicon .
  • Lots of other small bug fixes and improvements, including updated help text.

New Videos:

We’re always expanding our video library. Here are some of the best new videos this week:




Tips of the Week:

  • You can upload audio files, too! (Just make sure to put them in .mp3 format.)
  • Can’t find a video you made? Look under the “Created” tab right under the top banner in the video library.

Awesome Teacher of the Week:

Shout-out to Aurélie from Head-Royce School, who writes, “My students have been using Fluentkey for their listening practice and they love it more than any other program. What makes Fluentkey special is its ability to stop recording or video exactly where you want it to stop for an assessment. It is easy for students to replay and figure out exactly what section they need to focus on. As a teacher, I also like that I can follow my students’ progress within an assignment.”

Questions or Feedback?

Our mission at FluentKey is to make your lives easier. Email us back and we’ll respond right away.