Wondering how to engage students in language learning?

Have you ever felt like your students aren’t engaged in learning a foreign language? When I was first learning my second language, Spanish, many of my classmates and I were overwhelmed with the concept of a new language. We wanted to translate everything directly from English and didn’t understand that languages don’t directly translate. So how do you engage your students in a way that isn’t intimidating? This is where FluentKey Live comes in to play!

FluentKey Live is an activity where your students can watch an authentic video (or semi-authentic depending on the level) in-class! Your students will be able to follow along in the level-appropriate videos, which will boost their confidence! I always loved participating in class room activities that allowed me to do something I enjoyed (like watch a movie) instead of just listening to my teacher lecture.

So what exactly is FluentKey Live? This is one of our newest features where teachers can play a video clip in-class and students will respond to the questions live as they appear in the video! Basically, it’s a live quiz based on students’ comprehension of the video. For beginners, it’s a great way to build confidence in your students, and for more advanced students, you can really test their ability to understand authentic content.

One of the first milestones in language learning is students’ ability to understand basic conversations. Even when some of the vocabulary hasn’t been covered, the visual context and voice intonation can help students understand phrases that they wouldn’t understand just by reading it. This is why we have developed FluentKey Live as a way for teachers to teach vocabulary, listening comprehension, and build students’ cultural understanding in the most natural way. It’s also a fun and educational way to break up your grammar lessons!

The best part about FluentKey Live… you don’t have to do anything! We have hundreds of videos with varying levels, themes, and languages that you can chose from!! And if you don’t like the quiz and video options that we have in our extensive video library, you can ask us to develop quizzes and videos just for your class based on your needs. Work smarter, not harder, right?? This is an amazing resource that will make your classes more engaging and have your students begging for more! What teacher doesn’t want that? If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

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