We’ve Got a New Dashboard!

First and foremost, we hope that everyone is safe and healthy. We appreciate how overwhelmed teachers are right now, so we’ve kept our emailing to a minimum.

We’ve been working really hard to support our teachers as you transition to distance learning. Our newest improvement is the dashboard! (As you may have guessed from the title.)

So, what’s new on this version of the dashboard?

1) Your students and assignments are now sorted by class:

2) Additionally, you can easily switch between classes by using the drop down menu in the top left corner of the screen (next to the class name):

3) View your class assignments and see how many of your students have completed each one.

4) Click on an assignment to see how students are doing

Keep an eye out! Hopefully we’ll be able to add some more improvements to the dashboard in the near future (including a gradebook, interactive graphs, and student profiles)!

Finally, if you have requests, please let us know! We are constantly making improvements to FluentKey, and we want to fit YOUR needs.

Give us feedback through our new chatbot or our feedback form.

By Mandy Sofer

Chief Marketing Officer | Director of Spanish